JS Packaging is a full service packaging company that provides custom solutions to help agriculture businesses build their brand, and convey their messaging through standard, custom, or unique packaging.

We can help you design and create the right solution to meet your needs. We have a large number of products and services to choose from.

Custom Grape Bags
Whether you are looking for traditional bags, pouch bags, or something completely custom, we can help you.  Your artwork, logos, branding, or any other information can be printed on any size bag giving the most options for customization.

Clamshell Labeling
Our full service solution offers the application of custom labels onto various sizes of clamshell packaging making it easy to find exactly what you need in a clamshell package. Traceability labeling can be included to meet regulatory, safety, or internal requirements using the Harvest Mark & Food Link solutions. Our systems and employees are Food Safety certified and fully compliant with all rules and regulations regarding the handling of food containers.

Our JS Packaging AG trucks are available for delivery same day to meet your immediate demands.  No matter what the size of your delivery, our logistics team can ensure hassle free scheduling and on-time delivery. Our delivery schedule runs 7 days a week and is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Custom Designs
With our in-house artwork design team, we can help bring your vision from idea to paper to packaging quickly and efficiently. Our creative team will work with you to refine your concept so that it conveys the exact message you are looking to provide for your product.

Please contact us directly to discuss your packaging and for a competitive quote.