We make a multitude of innovative shipping solutions available to the clients we serve. Some of the more popular include:

Stock Grape Bags
These bags come in a wide range of sizes and are crafted from a variety of different materials. Whatever your needs are, and whatever market you’re catering to, we’ve got you (and your grapes) covered!

The large holes or slits in this type of packaging makes it ideal for most types of produce. We offer these in a variety of sizes, and are sure to have one that suits your needs.

Labeling Equipment
Once you’ve packaged your product, you’re going to want to proudly display your company’s logo on the packaging, and we have the equipment and expertise to provide professional labeling for your needs.

Bubble Pads
Fruits and vegetables are tender and easily bruised. These kinds of solutions are common solutions to the problem, and can help protect your crop from harm during the jostling it will experience when being transported.

Cushion Pads
Another popular solution to help protect your valuable crop while in transit to the retail chains.

SO2 Pads
SO2 pads are exceedingly useful in terms of transporting fruit, but especially grapes. The slow release of Sodium Dioxide helps protect your delicate fruit against Botrytis cinerea, which is a fairly common fungus that can spread quickly and ruin your whole shipment!

Liner Bags
Liner bags provide additional protection when a single layer of protection just isn’t enough.

Pick Tray Liners
These are useful for helping keeping contaminants to a minimum.

We offer both plain and printed edgeboard in a variety of styles and sizes.

Note that this is by no means an all-inclusive list! We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our customers innovative, customized packaging solutions. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to work with you. We’ll take the time to understand your specific shipping challenges and needs, and make recommendations based on those needs.